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  • Be A Leader, Not A Follower – The Drive – 3/14

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Carmichael Dave and Kyle are back, but Dave is mad at Kyle. Segment 2: Morning Brew! The Sacramento Kings take on the Celtics in Boston. The 49ers signed former Falcons running back Tevin Coleman. The Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets for the first time all season. Segment 3: Dave’s issues with barbecue […]
  • We’re Here, We’re Together … – The Drive – 2/22

    Hour 1 Segment 1: The Sacramento Kings narrowly fall to the Golden State Warriors 125-123, and they changed up the starting lineup. Segment 2: Paul George deals with the fallout of his signature shoe malfunctioning on Zion Williamson. Segment 3: Don Nelson is living his best life. Segment 4: Playoff LeBron has been activated, and the Rockets have an […]
  • PITTSBURGH, PA - JANUARY 14: Ben Roethlisberger #7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers talks during a press conference following the Jacksonville Jaguars 45-42 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Divisional Playoff game at Heinz Field on January 14, 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    “More Ridiculous Quotes From This Idiot”- The Drive – 2/21

    Hour 1 Segment 1: The NBA returns from the All-Star break and the Sacramento Kings face the Golden State Warriors to open the second half. Segment 2: The Kings playoff push could be helped by a Clippers team that doesn’t want to make the postseason. Segment 3: Brands tried to use Zion Williamson’s injury as a marketing opportunity. […]
  • Mecca Of Basketball – The Drive – 1/25

    Damien Barling and Jason Ross fill in. They preview the Sacramento Kings' game against the Memphis Grizzlies. They also talk about NBA All-Star rosters, and look at the John Harbaugh contract, Cam Newton's surgery and Antonio Brown wanting to play for the 49ers. Doug Christie joins the show.
  • All-Star Starters – The Drive – 1/24

    Damien Barling and Jason Ross fill in for Carmichael Dave. They talk about their NBA All-Star starters, James Harden's streak, NBA trade rumors, Derek Carr wanting to fight the media, and Victor Oladipo's injury. Sam Amick of the Athletic talks NBA All-Star voting and trade deadline.
  • Can’t Hold All These Limes – The Drive – 1/18

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Damien Barling and Jason Ross fill in for Carmichael Dave and break down the Sacramento Kings’ loss to the Charlotte Hornets. Segment 2: DeMarcus Cousins returns from his Achilles injury. History on NBA players with Achilles injuries is up and down. Segment 3: Lonzo Ball’s bad foul and Damien and Jason’s wardrobe choices. Segment […]
  • Scoring Spree – The Drive – 1/16

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Carmichael Dave and Kyle discuss Dave’s displacement follies and his upcoming vacation. Segment 2: Morning Brew! The Golden State Warriors smashed the Denver Nuggets. Bruce Arians thinks Antonio Brown is a diva. The University of Michigan offered a 7th grader a football scholarship. Segment 3: It turns out Carmichael Dave still has NCAA eligibility. […]
  • Mistaken Ding – The Drive – 1/9/19

    Carmichael Dave and Kyle break down the Sacramento Kings' bad loss to the Phoenix Suns, and they look at the hirings of Kliff Kingsbury and Bruce Arians. They also discuss the Kings and Enes Kanter New York Knicks trade rumors. Scott Bair joins the show to talk Oakland Raiders.
  • The Father Of Pessimism – The Drive – 1/7/19

    Carmichael Dave and Kyle break down some elements of the Sacramento Kings' loss to the Golden State Warriors. They also chat about wild card weekend and look ahead to the rest of the NFL playoffs. Lance Woods joins the show in studio.
  • Winning On Purpose – The Drive – 12/17

    Carmichael Dave and Kyle discuss the Sacramento Kings' win over the Dallas Mavericks, and Dave Joerger and his Luka Doncic comments. They also look at the updated NFL playoff picture and fan etiquette.