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  • Mountin’ Lion – The Drive – 2/6

    Carmichael Dave and Kyle discuss the Los Angeles Clippers and Philadelphia 76ers trade involving Tobias Harris. They also preview the Sacramento Kings game against the Houston Rockets, and the Kings' playoff chances. Dave Joerger joins the show. Also a man fought a mountain lion and won.
  • Golden 7-In-A-Row Center – The Drive – 2/5

    Carmichael Dave and Kyle discuss the Sacramento Kings win over the San Antonio Spurs. They also discuss Anthony Davis trade rumors and Super Bowl LIII. Jason March, Kayte Hunter and Lance Woods all join the show.
  • Poor-zingis – The Drive – 2/1

    Carmichael Dave and Kyle break down the Super Bowl matchup and give their Super Bowl LIII predictions. They also look at the Kristaps Porzingis trade, and whether the Sacramento Kings should've been in on it. Sean Salisbury talks Super Bowl, Payne from the Bet the Board Podcast talks Super Bowl props.
  • Talkin’ Snacks – The Drive – 1/31

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Carmichael Dave and Kyle discuss a form of entertainment they don’t like that much. Segment 2: The Kings smash the Hawks. Super Bowl LIII week continues. The New Orleans Pelicans erased Anthony Davis from their pregame video. Segment 3: Highlights from the Sacramento Kings’ win over the Atlanta Hawks. Segment 4: Best Super Bowl commercials […]
  • Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doodoodoo – The Drive – 1/29

    Carmichael Dave and Kyle continue their Super Bowl LIII preview. They also dive into some Sacramento Kings rumors, NBA trade rumors, and they discuss the future of Anthony Davis and why the Los Angeles Lakers appear to be his destination no matter what. Henry McKenna of Patriots Wire joins the show to talk Pats-Rams.
  • Love Hockey – The Drive – 1/28

    Carmichael Dave returns! Dave and Kyle chat about the Anthony Davis trade rumors, and how they affect the Sacramento Kings. They also talk about the Antonio Brown trade rumors, Super Bowl LIII and the NHL All-Star game.
  • Mecca Of Basketball – The Drive – 1/25

    Damien Barling and Jason Ross fill in. They preview the Sacramento Kings' game against the Memphis Grizzlies. They also talk about NBA All-Star rosters, and look at the John Harbaugh contract, Cam Newton's surgery and Antonio Brown wanting to play for the 49ers. Doug Christie joins the show.
  • All-Star Starters – The Drive – 1/24

    Damien Barling and Jason Ross fill in for Carmichael Dave. They talk about their NBA All-Star starters, James Harden's streak, NBA trade rumors, Derek Carr wanting to fight the media, and Victor Oladipo's injury. Sam Amick of the Athletic talks NBA All-Star voting and trade deadline.
  • Exit Light, Enter Night – The Drive – 1/23

    Damien Barling and Jason Ross fill in again with Carmichael Dave on vacation. They discuss the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame class. The guys also recap the Sacramento Kings' loss to the Toronto Raptors, analyze whether Marvin Bagley should be in the starting lineup moving forward and look at some NBA trade rumors.
  • The Goons Negotiated – The Drive – 1/22

    Damien Barling and Jason Ross fill in on The Drive. They break down the Sacramento Kings' loss to the Brooklyn Nets. They also take a deep dive on the NFC Championship, AFC Championship, and potential NFL rule changes that could come up as a result.