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  • Suspensions Abound; The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie – 11/15

    Hour 1 Grant and DC start the show in hour one with a ton of reaction to the Browns and Steelers fight last night on the field. Everything from suspension amount, how the incident escalated to the level it did and a little preview of the Kings and Lakers. Hour 2 NFL Network Steve Wyche […]
  • Load Management; The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie – 11/07

    Grant and DC return for a Thursday edition of The Grant Napear Show in between games on the east coast. Listen as they break down the game last night between the Kings and Raptors, why Antonio Brown may need some mental help after his rant on Twitter and their take on "load management" in the NBA.
  • The Correct Visual; The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie – 11/5

    The boys open the Tuesday show with some Monday football game review including how bad the refs have been over the season. They also take a look at a few games that happened Sunday, how the Packers lost to the Chargers, what the AFC West looks like mid way through the season, plus a little Kings talk and preview of the Raptors game.
  • No Excuse; The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie – 10/29

    It's another day and another loss for the Kings, listen as Grant and Doug talk Kings and their loss to the Nuggets, including the fact they played better but still need to improve in the 3rd quarter. Plus the fellas talk the 49'ers and their short week as they prepare for Thursday. Also Charles Davis of the NFL on Fox and Matt Barrows of The Athletic join the show to talk some football.
  • Marvin Bagley III To Sit Out 4-6 Weeks With Fracture In His Right Thumb

    The Sacramento Kings took another huge loss with the news that second year big man Marvin Bagley III will have to sit out for 4-6 weeks after an MRI revealed on Thursday morning that he is suffering from a non-displaced fracture in his right thumb.
  • Today is The Day; The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie – 10/23

    It's opening day in the NBA for the Sacramento Kings as they are in Phoenix to take on the Suns. Listen as the fellas are live court side and getting you prepared for the tip off. Hear Grant and DC talk what are some of the keys the Kings need to do to win tonight's game.
  • Looking Forward; The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie – 10/22

    Grant Flies solo on the Tuesday edition of The Grant Napear Show as DC is in route to Phoenix with the team for opening night. Hear Grant talk the 49ers latest acquisition of WR Emmanuel Sanders and wants to know what is the win total of the Sacramento Kings this year in your opinion.
  • Wait and See; The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie – 9/17

    Another day, same story with Buddy Hield. It's a waiting game when it comes to signing a contract extension. Listen to Grant and Doug continue to warn the fans and listeners that Buddy will be here in Sacramento for the foreseeable future and not to panic!
  • A New Deal; The Grant Napear Show with Doug Christie – 10/17

    A new deal is being sought after by Buddy Hield of the Sacramento Kings and Buddy has been pretty vocal about what he thinks he deserves as far as monetary compensation and did so again last night post game. Hear Grant and DC give their thoughts on the latest conversation revolving around Buddy and the Kings coming to an agreement.
  • Sacramento Republic To Be The Next MLS Expansion Team!

    Exciting news for Sacramento!