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  • Steph Your Game Up – The Drive – 5/15

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Carmichael Dave, Kyle and Jay talk about Howard Stern and Game of Thrones. Segment 2: Morning Brew! The Warriors go up 1-0 on the Trail Blazers. The Pelicans win the NBA Draft Lottery, and the Bucks open the Eastern Conference Finals at home vs. the Raptors. Segment 3: The Warriors blow out the Blazers, […]
  • Gas Tank On E, All Drinks On Me – The Drive – 5/14

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Carmichael Dave, Kyle and Jay are going to hang out outside of work! Also, Steak-umm. Segment 2: Morning Brew! NBA Western Conference Finals open tonight. The Sharks drop Game 2 to the Blues. Brett Brown is back in Philly. Segment 3: The Oakland A’s are really close to having a new stadium secured. Segment […]
  • From Process To Protest – The Drive – 5/13

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Game of Thrones LARPing!  Segment 2: Morning Brew! The Warriors move to the Western Conference Finals. So do the Trail Blazers and Raptors.  Segment 3: The Warriors knocked off the Rockets, and the Rockets are super unlikable.  Segment 4: Whew, the Trail Blazers looked good against the Nuggets.  Hour 2 Segment 1: Kawhi Leonard’s game winner […]
  • OAKLAND, CA - MAY 07: Mike Fiers #50 of the Oakland Athletics has Gatorade poured on him by teammates after pitching a no hitter against the Cincinnati Reds at the Oakland Coliseum on May 7, 2019 in Oakland, California. The Oakland Athletics defeated the Cincinnati Reds 2-0.

    Fiers Fest – The Drive – 5/8

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Reminiscing on Bisla’s. Segment 2: Morning Brew! Mike Fiers tossed a no-hitter. The Raptors blew out the 76ers. The Nuggets blew out the Blazers. Segment 3: Subscribe to the KHTK YouTube channel! Segment 4: The A’s get revenge for the 1990 World Series. Hour 2 Segment 1: Mike Fiers threw a no-hitter for real. Segment 2: Threefer […]
  • Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner – The Drive – 5/7

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Kyle is back and he sounds terrible. Segment 2: Morning Brew! The Rockets tie up their series with the Warriors. The Sharks go to Game 7 vs. the Avs. Tiger Woods gets Presidential Medal of Freedom. Segment 3: Dave invites Kyle and Jay to dinner. Segment 4: The Bucks are up 3-1 on the Celtics. […]
  • Mailing It In – The Drive – 5/3

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Mailing it in. Segment 2: Morning Brew! The 76ers win big over the Raptors. The Sharks fall to the Avalanche, and D’Angelo Russell makes a bad choice. Segment 3: Allen Crabbe is getting PAID. Segment 4: Anthony Jeselnik and making jokes. Hour 2 Segment 1: What movies do you have to stop and watch whenever it’s […]
  • Revenge Of The Nerds – The Drive – 5/2

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Carmichael Dave is back! Segment 2: The Trail Blazers tie up their series with the Nuggets. University of Arizona head coach Sean Miller accused of paying DeAndre Ayton $10,000 per month. The A’s lose their sixth in a row. Segment 3: MLB has some attendance issues. Segment 4: Sean Miller and paying college athletes. Hour […]
  • Understand Fully – The Drive – 4/30

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Game of Thrones! Segment 2: Morning Brew! The 76ers knock off the Raptors. The Nuggets beat the Blazers. The A’s lose their 4th in a row. Segment 3: The 76ers tie up their series with the Raptors, and the Warriors-Rockets officiating fiasco. Segment 4: OH MY GOODNESS, IS THAT SCOTT FOSTER’S MUSIC?! Hour 2 Segment […]
  • Arya Kidding Me?! – The Drive – 4/29

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Game of Thrones!!! Segment 2: Morning Brew! NBA playoffs move to Round 2. The NFL draft wraps up. GAME. OF. THRONES. Segment 3: The NFL draft ruined a bunch of bachelorette parties. Segment 4: The Celtics are figuring it out and Round 2 is gonna be fun. Hour 2 Segment 1: Warriors fans are the worst. […]
  • Who’s In Trouble – The Drive – 4/25

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Carmichael Dave, Kyle and Jay nerd out on Avengers stuff. Segment 2: Morning Brew! The Rockets eliminate the Jazz, the Clippers force a Game 6 vs. the Warriors, and the A’s walk-off the Rangers to complete a sweep. Segment 3: Texting habits of our loved ones. Segment 4: What the heck is up with the […]
  • An Insane Night – The Drive – 4/24

    Hour 1 Segment 1: It’s a late start on the Drive, but Kyle didn’t flip out! Segment 2: Morning Brew! HOLY SMOKES, THE SHARKS! HOLY SMOKES, DAMIAN LILLARD! And the Raptors and 76ers both cruise to the second round. Segment 3: The San Jose Sharks might’ve reached peak hockey. Segment 4: This day in sports… Hour 2 Segment 1: Damian […]
  • Love Hockey – The Drive – 4/23

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Parenting tips from Carmichael Dave, Jay, and Childless Kyle. Segment 2: Morning Brew! The Suns fire Igor Kokoskov. The Bucks finish off the Pistons, and the A’s snap a losing skid. Segment 3: Dave thinks something is wrong with Kyle. Segment 4: The A’s got a win on and off the field. Hour 2 Segment […]
  • Titanium Esophagus – The Drive – 4/22

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Game of Thrones talk! Segment 2: Morning Brew! Warriors go up 3-1. Celtics sweep Pacers. Sharks force a Game 7. Segment 3: NBA playoff recap, and whether it’s better that the Warriors and Rockets will face off in the second round instead of the conference finals. Segment 4: Carmichael Dave’s struggles with friendship. Hour 2 […]
  • Securing Naming Rights – The Drive – 4/19

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Carmichael Dave, Kyle and Jay discuss their various levels of wrongness in their relationships. Segment 2: Morning Brew! MLS enters formal negotiations with Sacramento. The Warriors dominate Game 3 vs. Clippers. The Spurs go up 2-1 on Nuggets. Segment 3: Movie-going experiences, Avengers: Endgame, and the Golden State Warriors’ dominant win.  Segment 4: Skip this […]
  • If These Walls Could Talk – The Drive – 4/18

    Hour 1 Segment 1: Carmichael Dave and Kyle have a discussion about the gender wage gap and the issues surrounding that conversation. Segment 2: Morning Brew! The NFL schedule is out. The NBA playoffs move forward. The A’s top the Astros. Segment 3: Dr. Pimple Popper and the NBA playoffs. Segment 4: Home runs and bat flips. Hour […]